Salon La La Event Tshirt Design By Mango Tree Media

Everybody loves to take home something special from their favourite event or wear a beautifully designed tshirt from their favourite band, that’s where merch design can help grow your business.

Mango Tree Media can not only design outstanding t-shirts, pins, badges, bags, hats, socks and more we can also show you how to print on demand with no money down for stock and be able to sell online to your audience.

Latest Merchandise Design

Some work for our creative clients in publishing. Explore more merchandise designs →

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Do you need some really cool merch for your band, event or business? At Mango Tree Media we are always excited to hear about your projects. If you like what you see in our portfolio please get in contact with your merchadising ideas for a free, no obligation quote. We look forward to growing your publicity!