Stan’s Music Factory


Stan Ceglinski specialises in designing and making unique stringed Musical Instruments. Stan’s specialty is 3 string “Pikin Stiks” in “diatonic” and 3 string in “chromatic”. 3 and 4 string “cigar box guitars” Hubcap ukulele’s, 3 , 4 and 6 string “hollow body” electric guitars, Cajon’s (drum box), music sticks, (clapsticks  hand split from incredible Australian timbers) Stan has his own mobile (walk about mill) and saw & dries his own ethically salvaged timbers that are then utilized into products

Mango Tree Media

Mango Tree Media created Stan’s Music Factory and Stan Ceglinski Guitars Logos and business cards

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Client Testimonial

“Kellie listened to my request, didn’t waste my time, offered proofs and then produced my job.. I can and recommend Mango Tree !”– Stan Ceglinski