Rebecca Ireland Motion Graphic Poster


Rebecca Ireland is soulful, poetic and sublime singer songwriter from Byron Bay, who has alot of natural talent. When she recorded her latest Single “No Questions” she wanted to create an eye catching package that reflected her indie/folk edge and send out the promo to national and international radio stations for airplay.

Mango Tree Media

Mango Tree Media Designed all the merch and graphics for this event. See the Rebeeca Irelands No Questions Single Launch designs here. In addition we made this cool animation so that the graphic would catch peoples eyes on social media feeds.



Client Testimonial

“Kellie’s insightful and attentive application to express the heart of each and every project, capturing the ‘mission statement’ of every creator, is such perfect art. The Mango Tree Media team were always fully applied to work with me as the project developed. They helped me elevate my work not only visually, but conceptually! I highly recommend engaging in a media plan that not only creates a great website presence, but feeds all your other platforms and changes with you as you grow! Mango Tree Media. Made me for real.” – Rebecca Ireland