Byron Bay Writers Festival with The Ad Agency


About the Ad Agency:

We are a full service (boutique style) agency with a team of 14 situated in the heart of the Northern Rivers. We are part of Australia’s most amazing community, yet our horizons are international.

It has always been our mission to provide capital city standard services whilst maintaining a strong social conscience. Our highly dedicated staff are truly passionate about what they do and will meet any challenge to achieve the best results.

Our client portfolio in many ways reflect our values and our wish to be of positive service in our local community and beyond. Whether it’s education, natural healthcare, arts and culture, community credit unions, charitable foundations, environmental groups or sustainable and regional developments (through our work with all tiers of government and private enterprise) our experience is broad, deep and ever evolving.

We have a proud history that has seen us help young universities tell their stories on the world stage. Since 2001 we have helped to grow a 75 million dollar credit union into one that is now today worth over a billion dollars and for over two decades we’ve been introducing the world to the wonders of Tea Tree Oil through our work with Thursday Plantation.

We hunger for new challenges whilst always staying true to our culture and to the people that have helped us grow and flourish along the way.

Mango Tree Media

We created a poster for the Ad Agency’s 2007 submission to the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival, which they won in competition with many other North Coast Design Firms.They offered me a job afterward! I worked for them for a year before deciding to open my own service.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign