Belly Dance Collective


Cara Griffin Runs Global Dance Collective and has a sub brand for her belly dance classes called Belly Dance Collcetive. Her school focuses on the development of students through their dance journey, helping them achieve both their dance and personal well being goals. She is also dedicated to the training dance teachers, elevating the art form throughr work in the community and inspiring as many people as possible to  embrace the joy of dance.

Mango Tree Media

Mango Tree Media designed Belly Dance Collective Branding, Merchandise and upcoming website


Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Printful

Client Testimonial

“My deepest gratitude to Kellie Knight Mango Tree Media for her terrific work on my logo. She absolutely nailed it and embodied my vision perfectly. Logos are THE hardest thing to get right so I’m so grateful it’s been done so well. Cheers Kellie”– Cara Griffin