Anjali Ayurveda


Gopali, the founder of Anjali Ayurveda also views the development of Anjali Ayurveda as her offering, her way of helping people find health and balance in their lives, this is her offering of love. Anjali Ayurveda is all about simplifying the journey to health by looking at each individual in a holistic manner, truly looking at who they are as a unique individual, from all aspects, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Anjali Ayurveda offers Ayurvedic body treatments, diet and lifestyle consultation, herbal dispensary and emotional guidance.

Mango Tree Media

Gopali wanted a website that was both beautiful and attracted her potential clients to book appointments with her online

Due to the nature of her business, many people look online for answers before they approach a service directly, therefore it was crucial to have an online presence that evoked a feeling of trust, warmth and professionalism.

The Result

We were able to design a website that not only looked attractive but prompted potential clients to book immediately, with an easy to use booking system that helped her manage client admin, keep treatment notes and make easy bookings.


WordPress, Woocommerce, Stripe, Square, PayPal, Australia Post, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Booking software

Client Testimonial

“I loved working with Kellie so much! I found her very easy to work with and I felt that she went above and beyond to support my vision for my website. I couldn’t be happier with my website, I get constant feedback about its beautiful design and also how easy it is to navigate. I am not at all tech savvy but Kellie really supported me through the whole process and was so patient and understanding. Thank you Kellie for my amazing website!” – Gopali Dasi-Doyle