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CD design services

Music design is one of my great loves, because I'm also a musician.

With so many millions of Cd's hitting the market and competing for sales, airplay, promotion and record deals, it's not enough just to have great sounding music inside! You must grab the interest visually first

Team up with someone who understandds music and the market you are selling to. A great CD cover will make the diffrence between being heard and being tossed in the bin!

Mango Tree Media has helped design many musicians design collateral in varied genres. Music design doesn't stop at CD covers, for a consistent brand it's best to have great looking posters, press kits, merchandise, social media and mail outs (see some of our featured clients here)

We can also help you match up with some of the best CD manufacturers and music Industry professionals in Australia

If you want to know more about the design process and how to manage it, check out our tools section for some handy hints

Right pic: Parissa Bouas "The full force of the wind" EP,
which became a multi-award winning release.