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Client Profile:

Christina is an avid blogger and a fantastic nutrionalist who has opened a practice in Byron Bay and many other locations around the Northern Rivers. What does SOL mean?. It means “the sun” in Spanish and the vision behind SOL nutrition is to provide scientifically based nutrition and dietary advice, but to do it with the warmth and compassion that the sun and ocean can bring. We are based in beautiful Byron Bay and we also visit loads of little towns on the North Coast of NSW, Australia offering fortnightly clinics.

In late 2013 we will be launching a fab online program - so stay tuned for more ♥

Too often we are bombarded with images from the media on how to look, how to lose weight and what to eat. Nowadays we also have more environmental concerns like the importance of eating organic and buying locally. Understandably it can all start to be a bit overwhelming.

You will find that our clinic locations are designed to be relaxed rooms, are not too clinical or medical and in short somewhere you can feel comfortable having a chat about what you are eating.

When you see a Dietitian at SOL you will get the opportunity to ask all those questions about food and learn the fact from fiction. We do want you to eat healthily but we also want you to enjoy your food and put the ‘sol’ into your eating.

What Mango Tree Media Did:

Christina wanted a website that was information rich and attracted clients to her excellent online courses and to sign up to her newsletter as well as read her blog.

Due to the nature of her business, many people look online for answers before they approach a service directly, therefore it was crucial to have an online presence that evoked a feeling of trust, warmth and professionalism.

We were able to design a website that not only looked attractive and clean for the health industry patrons, but was also user friendly and gave the main feature benefits of her business upon first glance.

We also designed her logo, signage, brochures and video titles

What Happened:

Christina converts many clients now from her online presence and also from her blog, which she updates regularly. She is one of the regions leading nutrionalists.