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Web Design: The Rails Byron Bay

Client Profile:

There is a great little music venue, bar and restaurant  - right on the old Railway Station in Byron Bay . It's the only pub in Australia to have featured live music seven nights a week, for over 30 years.  The official name of the Railway Hotel in Byron Bay is "The Railway Friendly Bar" but the locals affectionately refer to it as "The Rails’. . .

It is located just back from the main road on Jonson street in central Byron Bay, beside the historic Byron Bay Railway Station and left of the Railway Park. It's fascinating rustic decor and semi-out doors layout gives it a unique relaxed Aussie atmosphere and takes full advantage of the balmy Byron Bay weather.

It’s a distinctive funky little music bar that is instantly popular as a meeting place for travellers from all over the world when they arrive in Byron Bay, drawn by the legendary laid-back Byron lifestyle and glorious beaches ...., but you'll also rub shoulders with lots of quirky local characters, the occasional hippy and dedicated surfer downing a few beers.... and people from all walks of life enjoying the live entertainment that is featured 365 days per year.

What Mango Tree Media Did:

Its funny the way i sometimes engage clients. I had a gig at the Rails one night and had forgotten the start time for my band, so i tried to look it up on the net. To my amazement, one of Byron Bay's favourite venues for live music, did not have a website! A website is essential if you are a business that is putting on regular events. So i contacted the very forward thinking manager there and he said, yes, we need one, when can you do it.

The result was a nice looking and yet simple website that the regular punters and Byron Bay visitors alike could look up the gig guide, and also other vital venue information.

Management was very pleased that the events system was also quite easy for them to self manage, which was imperative considering they have live music events 7 nights a week.

What Happened:

Since the website has been up, we have received some very positive feedback from patrons as now people can find what's on at their favourite venue