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A guide to Book Design Process

A Guide to the Book Design Process for the Self Published Writer

Planning and implementing a book cover and layout design is a complex process but if it is done well, it can be the diffrence between success and failure in the marketplace.

Anthea Amore Passion Cookbook

Cookbook: 'Passion'

Anthea Amore's vegan cookbook 'PASSION, organic vegan recipes to live for' has become an Australian best seller :-)

Line of Dogs

Fiction: 'A Line of Dogs'

Front cover design for Gary Morris's epic fiction "Line of Dogs" including a Presskit, Posters, Signage, Bookmarks and more!

Publishing (Travel): Byron Trails

Travel guide: 'Byron Trails'

Sometimes a client comes to me with a fantastic Idea, here's one of them. A much needed guide to Byron Bay's walking trails.