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A guide to Book Design Process

A Guide to the Book Design Process for the Self Published Writer

Planning and implementing a book cover and layout design is a complex process but if it is done well, it can be the diffrence between success and failure in the marketplace.

A Guide to Web Design Process

A Guide to the Web Design Process

The following is a basic step by step guide to the web design planning process with the aim to brief your web developer for ulimate online success

Anthea Amore Passion Cookbook

Cookbook: 'Passion'

Anthea Amore's vegan cookbook 'PASSION, organic vegan recipes to live for' has become an Australian best seller :-)

Book: Gratitude Diary 2014

The Gratitude Diary 2014

People DO judge a book by it's cover. The Gratitude diary book cover speaks to the heart of their target market!


Cariad CD

Mango Tree Media designed the cover for Cariad with their photo of choice and for a celtic/folk look and feel.

Evelina Piga

"Angels, Gods and Demons" CD

Evelina Piga's CD sleeve cover design and inner booklet. Full concept and layout created by Mango Tree Media

Film Design One Sheet design

One-Sheet for Film or TV Submissions

What is a one sheet? In the entertainment industry, a one-sheet or one sheet is a single document that summarizes a product for publicity and sales.

Gratitude Diary 2017

Gratitude Diary 2017

Beautiful redesign of the Gratitude Diary for 2017, which exploded on the Australian Market with record sales

Kellie Knight CD

Kellie Knight CD

Mango Tree Media designed this surreal style cover for Kellie Knight, TWISTED, EP, this EP won 3 awards.

Knowing your Brand

Knowing your Brand

Knowing your Brand, It's position in the market place, It's mission and its "point of difference" helps you brief your designer thoroughly, which in turn gives you better design results and saves you time and money

Line of Dogs

Fiction: 'A Line of Dogs'

Front cover design for Gary Morris's epic fiction "Line of Dogs" including a Presskit, Posters, Signage, Bookmarks and more!

Northern Rivers Music Showcase

Northern Rivers Music Showcase

Mango tree Media designed the poster and Cd cover for the Northern Rivers Music showcase held at Byron Community center

Organic Passion website

Organic Passion Website

A website showcasing Anthea Amore, her catering business, her public speaking, events, press and her recipe books.

Rebecca Ireland at Mullumfest

Rebecca Ireland at Mullumfest

A Soul inspired poster design for a  featured music showcase at Mulllumbimby Music  festival 2017 by Rebecca Ireland.

Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin CD

Mango Tree Media designed the layout for Tim Griffins Album which climbed the Australian Blues Charts.